Thursday, 13 October 2011

Dana Or Norris? Let The People Decide.

Clougher calling! Clougher calling! Deer Gerry, 'tis Rosie Ryan 'ere, beauty, brainic and barn-dancer.
What a gunk I got on Monday when I turned on the wireless and found you knot there.
"Whom is that Tube?" said my son Bon Jovi, as he got stuck into a goose egg with toasted civilians.
"That!" I said. "Is Sean Oil, a reprobate of unparelled villainy and a throughly, bad piece of work".
"I've said it before" said Bon Jovi. "And I'll say it again, the early release scheme was dangerous in the extreme. We have sown the wind" yelled Jon Jovi. "And now we reap the harvest of Sean Oil and his ilk".
I threw a rooster off my chair, sat down and said.
"Tell me my bon-a me. Have you changed your mind in relation to the preservation election in the free state?".
"I have knot and I shall knot!" roared Bon Jovi.
"I stand fore score square behind the distinguished, quaintly old fashioned, Senator Steven Norris". "So be it! I yelled. "and I stand, shoulder to shoulder with Dana, mother, singer and hotelier. I am a Danaees!" I yelled. "It wood seem to me" said Bon Jovi. "That the predatory of Ireland is a step too far for a woman who sang a simple,banal song when she was a cuttie back in 1972".
"What does senescent, Senator Steve Norris bring to the table?" I yelled.
"GRAVITAS!" roared Bon Jovi. "Can you imagine Dana meeting a head of state? "Ah, come on away in. You'll have a wee cup of tea, so you will. Excuse the mess. Phil Coulter was here last night with a clatter of chips to talk about old times".
"And how would that differ from auld Boris the Norris" I shouted. " Senator Norris" said Tommy. "Is a man of letters. He can speak Latin and Greek effuently. Imagine if President Obama visited Ireland in a pathetic, paper thin attempt to garnish the Irish vote in America. President Norris, probably wearing a swallow-tailed coat, would trip, elf-like down the steps, open the door of the Presidents car and exclaim. "Nice to see you, to see you nice. Kay-May-Ah-Fault-Yah Mr President. Follow me to the dining room for a repast of larks-tongues, caviare, concannon and champ". "Norris" I retorted. "Is too pompous. Too arrogant and too scary. Dana is from the people, by the people and beloved by the people. Dana could smile at little wains in prams, Norris would give them nightmares". "NORRIS!" yelled Bon Jovi. "DANA!" I roared.
THEN! ganseys were thrown off and mother and sun got stuck into a real knock down, drag out brawl.
I threw a long, loping right. Bon Jovi sunk his fist into my bread basket. I replied with an uppercut. Bon Jovi, snorted like Smoking Joe Frazier and cut my eye with a vicious left hook. I grunted and threw a right that caught Bon Jovi right on the hooter. Bon Jovi did an Ali shuffle and yelled, "What's my name?" before shaking every tooth in my head with a head butt. "FOWL!" I gasped, as I brought my knee up into Bon Jovi's already wet fork.
Lefts, rights, upper-cuts, downer-cuts, heads, feet, biting, scratching, goughing and much pummeling of the under-carriage. Two hours later mother and sun lay in a bloody heap behind the door gasping.
SOON! the people will decide!