Sunday, 2 June 2013

Deer Mar'ee., how is you doing? Us, Rosie Ryan and off spring, Bon Jovi, is going grate. Ree-guarding an inquest, Bon Jovi's birthday is next weak. I don't no what age the cub is. He looks about nine, are ten. Anyway, " Perfidous Fractos" as the Latineo boys say. Bon Sir-Ah and let the hair sit. The cub is wild into country music. He wants clumps of hare pulled out, so he wool look like Hugo Duncan. "Know! Bon Jovi! I say "Your hare is your crowning glory AND a wildlife reserve for nits, fleas and daddy-long-legs". "Mucho Sanctum and fiddle-dee-dee" replied the 'orribe gulpin. Anyway Mar'ee, if you could play, "Dee-Lany had a donkey" bye Valerie Dinnigan, the cub would be climbing the walls with gusto and vim. Joy, wood be unbounded!!!! I leave it in your culpable hands Mar'ee. AAAAH! How I love country music!!!!!!. The music of the people, sung bye people, for the people and listened to, by many people. SO! a special inquest for Bon Jovi Ryen, next weak wood be gratley AAAH-reciated. I is Rosie Ryan, the sultry, beauty of Clougher...and, surrounding districts. xxxxx

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